Adding a Video to your Magento Product Page that Opens in a Lightbox

Navigate to the respective product in the CATALOG section of your website.

Hit on the ‘videos’ tab which is located near the bottom left:

product videos 1

This video player pulls youtube videos.  So go to youtube and find the video that you want to include in your website.

Click on ‘add video’ button on your website and you will see a field that asks for a ‘youtube key’.

video 2

The youtube key are the letters and numbers in the URL after the equals (=) sign like attached:

product video 3

Copy and paste that key into the youtube key area (on your website video section), hit the ‘save and continue to edit’ button and if successful, it will show up the video thumbnail of the chosen video.  If NOT successful, check to make sure that you copy pasted the whole key.

product video 4

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