Adding more riders

The Riders main image is a slideshow image – so if more images are created for a particular slider, they can have a slideshow.

To upload images to the slideshow (and for a rider), see this article

MAKE SURE YOU APPROPRIATELY NAME YOUR SLIDESHOW. If it’s a slider about Aero Aswar, it should be named so. Not just ‘slider 1’ etc. otherwise this can get confusing.

Once you have the image of your racer set up, go to CMS (stands for Content Management System) and Pages. Here you will see a list of all the informational pages – including the pages that belong to the RIDERS.


To show you how one is already set up, click on one of the riders. I have clicked on Aero’s page. You will notice that I have clearly labeled the page title as his name, and the URL Key (URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator – basically this is the address you are giving the page – so Please note, that it is EXTREMELY important to make sure that you start all RIDERS urls with RACETEAM. This is so that they are all included in the rider’s menu and can easily be found on the site. If this doesn’t happen, they will not be included.


Now click on the ‘content’ tab on the left hand side. You will see the below screen. This is the basic set-up of any rider’s page.

A. The ‘Magento Widget’ is a little piece of code that pulls that rider’s image/slideshow
B. The ‘{{block type=”core/template” template=”raceteam/navigation.phtml”}}’ is what puts the riders’ navigation on the left hand side
C. The rest is simply the rider’s information including a youtube video.

magento widget

To see how the magento widget works, simply click on it and a little button in the nagivation shows up (marked above). Click on this and you will see the below box opening up. It shows a ‘slideshow compact’ and then all the slider that exist – including your rider’s slide/image. Once you have chosen your rider’s slide, click on ‘insert widget’.

Probably the EASIEST thing to do if you want to add a NEW RIDER is to click on the button ‘show/hide editor’. Copy all the code you see here onto your computer clipboard. And now create a new rider’s page, go to the CONTENT tab, hit the SHOW/HIDE EDITOR button (so that you are in the html version of the editor) and paste it in there. Then hit on the show/hide editor button again and you are in the WYSIWYG editor (Microsoft Wordish editor).

show hide editor

Please note, if you want to add a YOUTUBE video, you will have to click on the show/hide editor section and add it there – as youtube give you code that you can’t add on the WYSIWYG screen.

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