Adding PDF file attachments to product pages in Magento

In order to add a PDF on your product page in Magento go into the respective product and navigate to the ‘file attachments’ tab on the bottom left of your screen:

file attachments 1

Once you are in the tab, hit the ‘add new row’ button which will then prompt you to namethe type of file you are uploading.  ie: product brochure, faq’s, etc.  This field is mandatory.

Make sure the radio button is set for ‘file’ instead of url (url it will pull the file from another site as necessary).

Then hit the orange button that has … on it.  This is the ‘browse’ button.

Choose the PDF you want to upload.

Then repeat this action as needed adding as many PDFs as you deem necessary.  Once you have chosen all your PDFs, hit the ‘UPLOAD FILES’ button.

Then save your work and the PDFs will show up in the front-end.

file attachments 2

ps: when creating a new product, this tab won’t show up until you have saved the initial product information.  So when adding a new product, hit ‘save and continue to edit’ button and then the ‘file attachments’ tab shows up.

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