Amending / Editing Transactional Emails in Magento

This is the first of a few tutorials how to amend the default Magento transaction emails and personalise them how you see fit.

1. Log into your Magento Dashboard. Go to SYSTEM > TRANSACTIONAL EMAILS


2. You will either see a list of already ‘tampered with’ email templates (if you see this, the default templates have already been altered) – or if there is no list, Magento is still usinng the default templates with no changes made.

If you see a list and see the template you want to edit, simply click on the template you want to amend.


3. Once you have clicked on the template you want to amend, you will see a new page open and the content contains HTML code. If you know your way around HTML, excellent; you can make any changes you want. If you don’t, the best thing to do is to find the text in there you want to edit (do a Ctrl F on your keyboard) and make the edit. Once you have edited it, save your edit and preview your edit to make sure you have made the changes you want to.


4. If you have edited a default transactional email and changed the title of this template, be sure to re-assign the new template in SYSTEM > CONFIGURATION > SALES EMAILS. If you do not do this, you may wonder why despite you having edited the default email template and saved it (new title), the old ones are still being sent.


If you want to change the style of your email templates yourself and you are not a programmer, there are magento extensions that cover this and allow different temmplates / drag and drop functionality for this; or hire a programmer and designer to make the necessary changes.

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