Custom Product Options Can’t be Selected in Magento

If your website has the custom product options module installed, SKU’s are automatically interlinked. For some websites this is not needed if stock management is not done, but if you are keeping track of stock, this is necessary.

If you have a custom option that lets you select a colour or check a box for an additional products/feature, this reflects as an SKU.


When the SKU is interlinked in an option, when that product option is OUT OF STOCK or DISABLED, the option still shows up but is grey’ed out so you can’t choose it.


If this is the case, go to the option’s SKU and check whether the product is enabled and whether there is stock assigned to it. In this example, you’ll see that even though there is stock assigned to it, it’s marked ‘out of stock’ (bottom of the page). In this case, change the ‘out of stock’ status to ‘in stock’.


Once you’ve adjusted the stock status, you’ll see you’re now able to select the option:


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