Daft Integration for Estate Agent Websites in Ireland

Daft LogoWe recently developed a website where we have integrated Daft.ie (Ireland’s biggest property website) API into a website.   The info passed on was integrated on this website. The website has two types of listings – listings not listed on Daft and ones that are. The ones that are listed on Daft are automatically added to the respective category listing. Then when ‘click for more details’ the user is sent to the respective listing on the daft website.

We offer full or partial Daft.ie API integration for Estate Agents websites in Ireland into any WordPress, Joomla or other websites requiring a feed from their respective Daft listings.  With this service your website will pull full or partial data (as required) from your Daft listings onto your website – so when you update / add / delete your Daft listings, they will automatically be updated on your website.   Please note in order to get a feed from Daft, you (or your client) has to be a registered estate agent and have listings with Daft.

If you have any questions in relation to Daft

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