Editing / Adding Pictures to Gallery on WordPress

This uses the WP CANVAS GALLERY plugin.

Go to the respective GALLERY page:

wp canvas gallery 1

You will see the below code:

wp canvas gallery 2

Note the IDs – ids=”359,360,361,362″ – these are the image IDs that have been uploaded. To add pictures, simply add more image IDs. Separate each image ID with a comma and no space just like in the example.

Try to keep your pictures in similar dimensions – ie 800 or so pixels high / wide so you get a consistency (especially when you click on the gallery images and they become bigger). Make sure you use a version of photoshop to resize your images appropriately. (if you don’t have photoshop, buy a version of Photoshop Elements from Amazon or somewhere like that; cheap enough) If you upload them straight from your camera, they’re way too big and will cause problems with load time etc.

To upload lots more pictures to a particular gallery, click on ‘add media’ button and then hit ‘CREATE GALLERY’ on the top left. Click on the ‘UPLOAD FILES’ and choose ALL the pictures you want to upload. Use the CTRL or SHIFT key to select multiple pictures to upload. Once you have uploaded them, the images will have a checkmark in them. Then hit the bottom right ‘create a new gallery’ button TWICE (twice because when you hit it another window will open and you just hit the button again).


You’ll get a new piece of code looking something like this:

copy paste ids into galelry

Now just copy – paste the image ids as you desire into the top piece of code (JUST THE IMAGE IDS) and voila – done. It will look like this.

gallery ids what it should look like when done

Test by going to the live page to make sure it’s all working!

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