How to Set Up Percent Discount on Range if Threshold is reached in Magento (with or without Coupon Codes)

In this tutorial we will cover How to Set Up Percent Discount on Range if threshold is reached in Magento (with or without Coupon Codes). More specifically, the following exact scenario:

“10% Discount applied to Accessories, who’s total value in the shopping cart is equal to or more than €19.99 Euro, when a Coupon Code is applied.
This would be against any accessory equal to or more than 19.99, or a combination of accessories which make up the 19.99.
It would also take into consideration a cart with a mix of items, but only apply the discount to the accessories.”

Log into your Magento Dashboard. Navigate to PROMOTIONS > SHOPPING CART PRICE RULES and either hit on ‘ADD NEW RULE’ or click on an existing rule you are going to edit.


  1. Give your discount rule a name you can easily identify. Only you will see this – customes won’t.
  2. Give it an additional description as needed.
  3. Set status to Active or Inactive.
  4. Apply the discount rule to relevant customer groups (hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and click on them all if you want all customer groups to benefit from the discount rule set out).
  5. Choose whether you want the discount to be applied automatically in the shopping cart or manually by customers by using a discount code.
  6. Enter the discount code in the ‘coupon code’ field.
  7. Leave ‘uses per coupon’ blank, if there is no limit.
  8. How many times can the same customer use the coupon code. Leave blank if no limit is set.
  9. Apply ‘from’ and ‘to’ date if you want to set up your discount code at a certain date and stop at a certain date.
  10. Apply priority if you are running a number of concurrent discounts. 0 is top priority, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. are lower priority.


Now click on the ‘CONDITIONS’ tab on the left. Here you are able to set conditions that apply to the rule you are setting.

Choose from the dropdown choose PRODUCT SUBSELECTION.


You will now be given a choice for total amount or total quantity – choose total amount.
Change the ‘is’ dropdown next to it to ‘equals or greater than’.
Enter price of 19.99
Keep ‘all’ as is
On the next line choose ‘category’ from the dropdown.
Choose your category – accessories category in this case has an ID of 15


Now to go the ACTIONS tab on the left.

Change ‘DISCOUNT AMOUNT’ to 10
Promo Categories – add the category ID chosen above (number 15)


If you want to add a ‘label’ to your discount code (shows up in the shopping cart next to the applied discount) hit the ‘label’ TAB on the left and enter the label.

This is not default Magento functionality and requires an additional extension.

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