How do I know a payment has gone through using Realex in Magento?

When your Magento ecommerce website has taken a payment through Realex, it’s important to know that the amount has actually be authorised and that you are not sending out products

You will know you got an order in, usually through an email notification.

To ensure the payment has gone through successfully – go to SALES > ORDERS. Find the order you want to verify – you will see that there is a column for ‘status’ and ordinarily, an order with a payment having gone through successfully will be marked as ‘PROCESSING’.


Click on the order and scroll down to the bottom left where it says ‘ORDER COMMENTS’. There will be a trail of messages from Realex about the payment being processed. What you are looking for is to be sure that A. There is an AUTHORISATION CODE and that the payment has been marked as ‘AUTHORISED’. Like in the below screenshot.

Remember that AUTHORISED doesn’t mean CAPTURED. Typically, when a payment is made to your Magento website, the money is SECURED (held by the credit card company) but it is not RELEASED (CAPTURED by you) until you are ready to ship the product. To capture the money, create an invoice by hitting the ‘INVOICE’ button at the top right of the order.


Then scroll down and where you see ‘capture online’ dropdown, keep that as-is and hit the SUBMIT INVOICE button.


Now process the order by creating a ‘shipment’.

Note: you can also log into your Realex account / contact Realex customer support to verify payments have gone through.

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