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Guest Post by Land of Coder

As a shopper, have you exchange reward points when purchasing a product? If yes, it is entirely favourite. According to Anton Kuratov, Co-founder at Rechemco.com, about 90% of shoppers use their reward points when checking out. It means that reward points make a significant impact on their psychology and behaviour. Therefore, if you are an online store owner, Magento 2 Reward Points can be the most effective marketing tool for you to attract your customers and raise transactions. Landofcoder Magento 2 Reward Points is an incredible extension created to support store owners to inspire customers’ loyalty and enhance new shoppers. You can offer your clients unlimited rewards and points for purchases in your store, and they will spend them for exchanges in the future. Your customers can earn as many reward points as possible to benefit from your store. That why they are likely to return your shop for other future transactions, and you can boost your sale in the long term.

What makes Landofcoder Magento 2 Reward Points more favourable and high-appreciated than other extensions in the market? Let’s explore a various list of outstanding features!

  • Reward for visitors in various ways
  • Follow the balance, transaction, history of points with ease
  • Freely adding points for any specific and multiple products
  • Set different rates for spending and earning point
  • Manage by rules: product-based rule, cart-based rule, behaviour-based rule, catalogue-based rule
  • Place max gained or paid points for products
  • Repay customers by points
  • Send notification email and updated information if changed
  • Generate orders using points in the backend
  • Create points expiry and set points duration
  • Products’ price can be hidden

Thanks to the Magento Block Caching, Magento 2 Reward Points can help you reduce maximumly time-consuming. All activities of admins and customers will be manipulated fast; therefore, they can save a ton of time and effort. What can store owners and their clients benefit from this extension? What will LOF Magento 2 Reward Points do for them?

For Customers

One of the most practical ways to engage shoppers is offering them a lot of benefits because your customers will feel thoroughly cared and well served. Our Magento 2 Reward Points can help you improve and raise your customers’ loyalty. This extension can meet customers’ demand by supporting them to gain, pay, and track reward points.


  1. Earn and spend reward points fast and easily


When coming to your website, visitors can be rewarded for many cases depending on their activities. It’s very effortless for them to earn and collect as many rewards as they want such as the reward for purchasing some specific products, for lifetime sale, for total order, and so on.

When can your customers earn reward points?

They will get points right after ordering products and service at your store. Magento 2 Reward Points shows prominently essential information to help you draw customers’ attention to purchase your products and earn reward points. Moreover, they can quickly take a look at “Reward Point” on different pages and form various positions such as shopping cart, mini cart, product categories, and so on.

One of the easiest way to earn points is by referring to friends. Shoppers can transfer the reward points to their friends without limitation by referring to them. As a result, they will own these points to carry on transactions on your store conveniently. Also, it is a useful way to enhance potential customers to your website.

How can your customers use reward points?

Magento 2 Reward Points can support your customers spend reward points with ease. They are enabled to decide the number of points they want to spend in each order on the shopping cart page and the checkout page. Moreover, our extension will offer them three effective ways to add points; therefore, it’s easy for them to change the points if they move the slider, enter the number or tick on the “Maximize my discount with points” box.

One of the unique things about Magento 2 Reward Points is that your customers can earn and spend reward points at the same time. In other words, when a customer pays their points for the current purchase; simultaneously, he/she can gain some points for their spending in this order and spend them for future transactions.

  1. Track all transaction information at once

Magento 2 Reward Points can create for your purchasers a transparent and straightforward interface. They can manage all information including their account, point balance, transaction history, and their reward points in ‘’My Account’’. What they need to do is just clicking on sections they want to track in a blink of eyes.

If customers, especially new ones don’t know how to earn, spend and manage reward points, don’t worry because they are provided with some brief tutorials for these questions.

For Store Owners/Admins

What can Magento 2 Reward Points bring to store owners?

Our extension will take advantage of all fantastic features to actively support you to engage, manage, and maintain your customers. As admins, you are powerful to decide the way you and your shoppers work together.


  • Create and enable earning rules simply


In Magento 2 Reward Points, there are four primary earning rules that store owners can enable to control customers’ activities. They are the product-based rule, behaviour-based rule, cart-based rule, and catalogue-based rule.

  • Product-based rule: If you want to promote a new product, just click to choose the product and decide the points number in “Product Earning Point”.
  • Cart-based rule: If you want to promote a product, set the Conditions and define the points number, a customer will purchase the item with points, for example, “Order 2 Items To Earn 100 Points!”
  • Behaviour-based rule: To stimulate your customers to like or share your post, you need to create behaviour-based regulations, for example, ‘‘Like our fan page and receive 5 Points’’ or ‘‘Share with your friend to receive 3 Points”
  • Catalogue-based rule: This rule enables your purchasers to gain and spend points for specific products based on product attributes.

Reward rules are advanced and simple to launch a loyalty program. Based on customers’ behaviour, the extension offers admins multiple pre-made events such as customer signs up, the customer writes a product’s review, customer birthday, and so on to apply above earning rules. Therefore, it’s clear that both store owners and customers can benefit from these rules.

  1. Generate earning and spending points with ease

One of the most direct ways to boost sales for sellers is creating diverse earning rating types for different items that customers buy in your store. For example, “1 point for every $10 spent”. In case you don’t know how to set it, choose one of the best following types for your store.

  • Give X points to customer
  • Give X points for every spent Y
  • Give X points as final product price
  • Give X % points of original price

You’re also enabled to set increased spending and earning points rate for specific products. After choosing the product, put the number of points you want to give to your customers and set the duration for that points. Furthermore, you can add more reward points for any particular products and different products. Choose any products with points by one click, then, add reward points for them without limitation. At the same time, you can select multiple products to set their points. For each product, admins can set maximum or minimum reward points that shoppers can earn or spend. If you think the number of points for any products is not reasonable, you can limit that number until you feel satisfied.

  1. Manage and configure reward points conveniently

In the backend, admins can create as many orders using reward points for customers as possible. Besides, you can set rewards for multiple loyalty levels for any specific products or even a group of product. This action is crucial to enhance potential purchasers for Magento 2 loyalty program.

In the admin panel, you can check customers’ account, track their points balance, available points, paid points as well as transaction history. Also, you can follow transaction details including created time, used points, point balance, and status. On the other hand, you can block any customers’ account if you find necessary.

One of the particular things of Magento 2 Reward Points is that differing from usual ways of refund; store owners can refund by points. You can repay all the points your customers spend or a part of the points.

With LOF Magento 2 Reward Points, you are free to add or deduct reward points from customers’ balances with ease. This extension also supports admins to export points balance quickly and directly into CSV or Excel XML file.

For configuration, you will find it advanced and user-friendly with the help of this extension. You can control everything and easily configure because all information is well organised. What our extension aims is the efficiency and convenience we can bring to you when using it.

To manage more efficiently, you can set email notification and auto-update information when anything changes. For instance, when a customer changes her/his point balance, an email will be automatically sent to both your email address and customer’s ones. Hence, you will not miss out any changes at any time.

Final Words

For a lot of benefits and advantages both store owners and customers can gain, LOF Magento 2 Reward Points will become your very first choice for your store. This extension will be an excellent tool for you to engage a significant number of shoppers and raise their loyalty. With ONLY $149, you will gain a fantastic experience with Magento 2 extension, FREE installation, and 24/7 customer support service from our professional staff.

Come to our site to explore more details about this extension right now!


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