Magento Product Labels

To add product labels (for warranty etc) to products, go to PRODUCT LABELS > MANAGE PRODUCT LABELS, that is now showing for you in the main menu of the site back-end.

You will then see this screen:

product labels 1

Click on the relevant product label (in this case it’s product warranty labels).  Say the 3 year warranty label.

You will now see this screen:

product labels 2

What you need to worry about only is the ‘conditions’ box at the bottom.  This is where you assign labels to products / remove labels from product.

In the below screenshot is an expansion of the ‘conditions’ box and explanation of how to use this.

product labels 3

You’ll notice the line ‘SKU is one of…. and then a box with a few sku’s in it.  This defines what sku’s to assign that label to.   If you don’t have a list of sku’s handy, to help find the exact product sku you can click on the box I’ve added an arrow to and it opens up a listing of all the products.  Simply search for the product, check them off and then hit the green check mark.  Then press ‘save’ at the top right of the page.

And that’s it
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