PDF’s in WordPress – Embedded or Linked

Once you have the relevant plug-in set up in WordPress, it’s easy to upload a PDF and set it to open as a link or to show up embedded.

Embedded, by the way, means to ‘fix within a surrounding’. Instead of a link, it means you can see the PDF right there. You can also embed, for example, youtube or vimeo videos.

Anyhow, to get to the point. First thing you want to do is create a PDF. Make sure that it’s compressed and set for as low quality that however still looks good. The reason for this is otherwise it can take a while for PDF to load.

Once you have your PDF, log into your wordpress dashboard, navigate to ‘MEDIA’ and ‘ADD NEW’. Upload the PDF here.

upload pdf

PS: You can also upload it directly from your page or post by hitting ‘add media’.

Once you have your PDF uploaded, you can decide whether to embed it or whether to just link to it.

If you want to embed it, go into the media file and copy (and paste in a notepad file) the ‘url’ – ie the address of the pdf.

Go to your page and add this code in:

Now throw the pdf url in here

and finish it off by having this code in the end:

that closes the embed of the pdf.

copy paste

To link to a pdf is quite simple.

Once you are in a post / page, go to ‘add media’. Add your PDF by uploading it like an image (or choosing it from the media library) and ensure the ‘attachment display settings’ is set for ‘link to media file’. This will create a link to the PDF.

attachment settings

Once you have set the link, you now want the pdf to open up in a new tab. Click on the link (while still in the wordpress backend) and a little pencil icon will show up (to edit the link). Press the pencil and you will see the screen below. Check the box that says ‘open in new tab’ and save.

open in new tab

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