Regarding Magento Multistore – Some Notes on Setting Up Your Secondary Store

Here are a few instructions in relation to Magento secondary store:

Now that multistore is set up, a new root of categories has been set up for the new secondary store and these can now be adjusted. To go to your new store, on the top left hand side there is a dropdown that says ‘choose store view’; choose the new store.

Change default values as necessary to unchecking the ‘use default value’ and entering something specific for this new store.


To assign an existing or new products to the new magento multistore, go into a product, hit the ‘websites’ tab, and check off the new multistore selection.


If a product belongs to just one store, have just one of the stores checked off. If a product belongs to both stores, check both stores off. If a product has different description for the secondary store, uncheck the default values (once you’ve adjusted the store view dropdown to the secondary store).


To adjust price for the specific store, with this particular set up we are going to hide prices unless customers are manually assigned to a particular customer group so we are going to add prices to Wholesale and Retailer customer groups. For this be sure you have adjusted your store view, click on the prices tab in product view and set your group prices like below.


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