Removing background from images

I put together a quick tutorial video showing how you can easily and rapidly remove dark or noisy background from an image.

This is especially important when you take pictures for products on your ecommerce website.

Note, there are many tools in photoshop that you can use and I will keep adding to this post using tools in different scenarios.

This tutorial covers a simple object with plenty of contrast between the object and the background.

From this:


To this:




  • Upload Photo to Photoshop.
  • Select Magic Wand Tool, mark background and delete where marked.
  • Delete any last background spots with eraser tool.
  • Last few touch-ups by creating mask of image and using small brush tool.
  • Adding an inner glow which hides/gets rid of any rough edges.
  • Adjusting image by using auto tone/contrast/colour.
  • Adjust canvas size to make the image the required ratio (square in my case).
  • And then lowering the image size to 1000px x 1000px (what I need for this ecommerce project).
  • Then ‘saving for web and devices’ – I think I chose medium, which still gives a decent
  • resolution of the picture but it’s also not too big.
  • Giving the image an apt name.
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