Resubmitting a hacked website to remove from blacklist

After you have removed the malware from your site, it might be necessary to notify search engines and anti-virus software platforms that you have done so.

If Google, ESET, Norton, McAffee, Kaspersky or other body scanned your website while it was hacked and noticed this, they may have blacklisted it. In this case, many users can be affected by this.

You can sit on your laurels and wait for these respective platforms to rescan your site at their discretion, or you could force the issue 🙂


If not already, create a Google account. Again if you don’t have search console already installed on your website, add search console. Once done go to ‘security issues’ and submit for review.


Write to


Create an account with Norton, verify ownership of your site and submit for clearance

McAffee, select ‘site advisor’ option, enter url and then explain that you want your site removed from their blacklist


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