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When a developer builds a website, any website, and is doing so on a public server, they will normally set their site to ‘no-index’.  This is a tag that tell Google and other search engine robots ‘DON’T LIST MY SITE ON YOUR SEARCH RESULTS’.

Reversely, you’ve just had your website put live, a few weeks go by, and you can’t find it at all anywhere in google despite googling It may be worth to check whether you haven’t accidentally omitted allowing Google to now index your website!

It’s a simple html tag added to the head of each page – it looks something like this:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

If you are not familiar with what to do or where to place this code, most CMS platforms have a simple ‘checkbox’ that enables / disables this functionality.

WordPress No-Index Robots Settings:

Navigate to SETTINGS > READING. Go down and check (or uncheck) the ‘discourage search engines’ checkbox (usually will be at the bottom of the page).

wordpress no index functionality

Joomla No-Index Robots Settings:

Navigate to SITE > GLOBAL CONFIGURATION. Go down to the ‘meta data’ box and where it says ‘robots’, adjust the dropdown next to it as required.


Magento No-Index Robots Settings:

Navigate to SYSTEM > CONFIGURATION > DESIGN. Navigate to and open up the ‘HTML HEAD’ box.

Find the ‘default robots’ box and adjust the dropdown box next to to it as required.

magento no index settings

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