Touching Up, Preparing and Optimizing Images for your Website

Touching up pictures for your website can take just a few minutes of your time and can greatly enhance your ecommerce website, gallery or images added to your web pages or blog.

I will run you through a number of simple techniques in order to make a difference to your chosen pictures very quickly.

The screenshots I will show throughout this tutorial are of me using Adobe Photoshop CS5, however all techniques I am using are also available using previous versions (at least CS3) and Elements 7 – the position of the tools might’ve slightly changed but should be in the same area.

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Ecommerce SEO Tips – Content Problems

We provide SEO services for a number of ecommerce websites and am always following fellow SEO'ers and web designers to see what they have to say for tips, experimental data and more.   And even if you know half this stuff, written in a new light, we can always benefit...

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Google SEO Tips

Contrary to popular belief - Google do give lots of direction on SEO and try to give webmasters and website owners tips on how to improve their visibility on the web.  Check out their webmaster blog or follow Matt Cutts blog. With a constantly adjusting algorithm, the...

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